11th August, 2023 | 1HR 14MIN

How To Create Empires With Seif El Hakim | Episode 44

Featured in Entrepreneurs Top 10 Influential business persons to watch, and the man behind the Alpha Movement, this week Seif El Hakim joins me in the ARENA.

From CMO of Samsung Electronics in South Korea and Russia, to serial entrepreneur in multiple industries, Seif's journey exemplifies the power of determination.

In this episode, Seif shares the mindset, and obstacles he embraced when he decided to leave the corporate world in order elevate his family business into a global empire. He embodies values of discipline, self-confidence, and humility, and is now striving to empower others to succeed through the Alpha Movement.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Challenges of working with Family
Cultural differences in Egypt, South Korea and Russia
How family plays a vital role in success
What is the 'Alpha Movement'?

Seif's biography:
Seif El Hakim is an Internationally Acclaimed Businessman, serial entrepreneur, investor, business strategist & advisor, influencer and a highly decorated Global CEO with 15+ years of international experience in Turkey, UAE, CIS Region, UK, South Korea, Egypt and both in Corporate headquarters, local roles and running his own businesses.

His experience covers Marketing, E-Commerce, Retail Management, Consumer Electronics, Real estate, Sports & fitness, Tourism, food services, turnaround management and coaching. His mission for over the years besides building his career & businesses is to inspire ,empower and develop leaders and businesses seeking transformation, fulfilment and success.

Prior to that, worked for Samsung Electronics HQ in South Korea, as global product strategist and Regional marketing Manager supervising and guiding new product launches and marketing activities across regions.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 01:43
    • Seif’s most challenging moment
  • 06:44
    • The interview that changed Seif’s life
  • 17:29
    • Family and Relationships
  • 26:57
    • “Majority of people are losers and dreamers”
  • 36:07
    • South Korea, Samsung and Russia
  • 53:20
    • Navigating the family business
  • 01:01:40
    • Man of Influence 2023
  • 01:10:47
    • The Alpha Movement

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