15th November, 2023 | 51 MIN

Your Food Is Killing You | Why Modern Medicine Is Failing With Dr Moshe Goldsmith

In this episode of In the ARENA, I am joined by Dr Moshe Goldsmith, leader in functional medicine.

After working in internal medicine for 20 years, Dr Moshe discovered he had cancer. Through exploring the root cause of his cancer, he is now an advocate for functional medicine and is here to share why modern medicine has failed us.

Key podcast topics:
Why Modern Medicine has failed
How pharmaceutical companies control doctors and hospitals
The future of humanity and AI
Why your food is killing you

Dr Moshe’s biography:
Dr Moshe spent 20 years practicing internal medicine in Florida, United States. After discovering he had cancer, he left his practice and focused on curing his cancer without the help of modern medicine. He is now cancer free and has returned to medicine, however he now advocates of Functional Medicine.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:14
    • Dr Moshe’s background
  • 03:53
    • Treating his own cancer holistically: why modern medicine has failed.
  • 11:37
    • How Pharmaceutical companies control hospitals and doctors.
  • 13:52
    • Your food is killing you
  • 23:00
    • What is syndrome X?
  • 27:45
    • Why you should never take cholesterol medicine: the importance of taking a DNA test
  • 33:30
    • The future of humanity: there’s another pandemic coming
  • 40:26
    • The problem with Bill gates and Media
  • 43:58
    • You need to take control of the decisions in your life

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