8th October, 2023 | 52MINS

Unlocking Success: Insights from Female Entrepreneur Joan Jardeleza

Introducing Joan Jardeleza, a successful self-made entrepreneur and single mom, on a journey filled with determination and empowerment.

Born and raised in the Philippines by a single mother, Joan embarked on a unique path, starting as a model at just 16. Her modeling career exposed her to countless opportunities, including travel and early exposure to the world of work.

After years of globetrotting, Joan found her home in Dubai but realized that her true worth exceeded her current circumstances. This realization led to the birth of Even Joan, an events and concierge company offering bespoke luxury services.

In this engaging podcast, we delve into various intriguing topics with Joan, including:

Female Empowerment: Joan's inspiring journey as a self-made female entrepreneur.
Life as a Single Mother: The challenges and triumphs of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship.
Dating in Dubai:Navigating the dating scene in a bustling city like Dubai.
Challenges and Misconceptions About Female Entrepreneurs: Addressing the unique hurdles faced by women in the business world.

Joan's biography:

Joan Jardeleza, the founder and General Manager of Even Joan, is not only a former fashion model but also a seasoned businesswoman and world traveler. Her decade-long experience and qualifications in Fashion, Luxury, Hospitality, and Events have positioned her as a global expert in Lifestyle and Event Management. She is known for her role as an enabler, facilitator, and driving force behind the scenes, ensuring the success of international events.

Join me in this enlightening conversation as Joan shares her empowering story and insights into her thriving concierge services. Discover how she overcame challenges, embraced single motherhood, and continues to inspire female entrepreneurs worldwide.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 02:05
  • 07:54
    • Joan's "Why Not Me?" Mentality
  • 11:35
    • Challenges Faced as a Budding Entrepreneur
  • 15:16
  • 22:56
    • Balancing Life as a Single Mom
  • 26:22
    • Three Valuable Lessons for Her Daughter
  • 29:18
    • Empowering Advice for Female Entrepreneurs
  • 33:27
    • Navigating Dating as a Single Mom
  • 37:03
    • Joan's Vision for the Future
  • 39:38
    • Female Empowerment and Perspectives on Entrepreneur Andrew Tate
  • 45:17
    • Unveiling Joan's Exceptional Concierge Services

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