31st March, 2024 | 1HR 13MINS

The Ultimate Guide For Startups in Dubai With Lorenzo Jooris

In this episode of In The ARENA, I’m joined by Lorenzo Jooris, the CEO of Creative Zone

Lorenzo shares his expertise in helping startups grow and flourish in Dubai, making this episode critical to those wanting to start their own business or grow their small business.

Key Podcast Topics:
How to enter international markets
3 essentials for start-ups
How to set up a company in Dubai

Lorenzo’s biography:
Lorenzo Jooris has been a global nomad from his early days. Born and raised in Argentina, to Belgium/German parents, it didn’t take long for him to seek new business and professional horizons. Lorenzo brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, management, business consultancy and corporate leadership in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

At the age of 25 he moved to the UK to start his career in the production of country branding campaigns and national advertising projects. In 2005 he went on to establish One World Communications, a full fledged multimedia powerhouse advising governments around the world in branding and communication strategies. He later on established LEADERS Middle East magazine in the UAE, Envision Films and Eventus, when he thought it was time for him to spend more time at home and less traveling the world. LEADERS Middle East allowed him to curate events such as the Young Global Leader Summit and the Power Women of Arabia Debate.

Lorenzo joined Arton Capital in 2018 as their Vice President of Global Growth and Strategy where he oversaw the international expansion of the company in charge of sales, marketing and events worldwide.

Lorenzo is now the CEO of Creative Zone in Dubai, having joined in January 2020.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 00:58
    • Lorenzo’s background
  • 05:27
    • How to enter international markets
  • 07:15
    • I had complete burnout
  • 09:39
    • Becoming the CEO of Creative Zone
  • 15:25
    • The future of Saudi Arabia
  • 23:21
    • The growth of business in Dubai
  • 26:35
    • The high standards and leadership in Dubai
  • 28:47
    • How Creative Zone helps startups
  • 32:39
    • Sales funnels and creating community
  • 35:40
    • The startup circle
  • 38:24
    • How easy is it to start a company in Saudi?
  • 42:00
    • How to set up a company in Dubai
  • 44:27
    • The Golden Visa
  • 51:40
    • The top 3 benefits of living in Dubai
  • 54:10
    • Debunking: It’s expensive to live in Dubai
  • 56:00
    • The safety in Dubai
  • 58:08
    • Future plans for Lorenzo and Creative Zone
  • 1:01:06
    • 3 essentials for startups
  • 1:06:36
    • Investing in startups

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