14th September, 2023 | 51MIN

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Real Estate With Zoheb Hamirani | Episode 50

Property hunter, Realtor on a Harley and entrepreneur, Zoheb Shiraz Hamirani, joins me in the ARENA this week to bring you an insightful podcast episode about the world of real estate.

With decades of experience and having opened his own real estate company, Zoheb has made a huge impact on the industry in Dubai. Find out how Zoheb has never needed to make a cold call, why you should be investing in Real Estate and what you need to do to be successful in the industry.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Tips for succeeding in Real Estate
Investing in Real Estate
The pain of losing a child
How to stop cold calling

Zoheb’s biography:
Zoheb started his career in Real Estate in 2018 and recently started his company, Original Bull and Bear Properties. Prior to his career in real estate, Zoheb was a business development manager for 18 years. Zoheb is known as the Realtor on a Harley and creates educational and entertaining content geared towards Real Estate.

Through his wide following and reach on social media, Zoheb admits to never needing to find or chase clients. His clients directly contact them because they’re aware of his expertise and professionalism through watching his platforms.

Your journey to abundance starts now.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 02:42
    • Will the price of property in Dubai drop?
  • 07:16
    • How to succeed in Real Estate
  • 14:38
    • Harley’s and Ferrari’s
  • 19:40
    • How Zoheb handled losing his son
  • 23:51
    • “I was a bully in high school”
  • 26:43
    • Zoheb’s biggest entrepreneurial mistake
  • 32:09
    • You should prioritize this to be successful
  • 40:19
    • Advice for investing in Real Estate
  • 46:50
    • The future for Zoheb and Dubai

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