28th September, 2023 | 1HR 15MIN

The Role Of Martial Arts In Anti-Bullying: With Sebastian Bates

Welcome to another episode of In The ARENA, featuring multi-award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of Warrior Academy, Sebastian Bates. Join me as Sebastian shares his inspiring journey of personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Key Podcast Topics Include:
The Impact of Bullying on Children
How Martial Arts Instills Conflict-Handling Skills in Kids
Overcoming Life's Challenges
The Significance of Discipline

Sebastian Bates' Impressive Background:
Sebastian Bates is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, a 2x best-selling author, and the visionary behind multiple 6-7 figure businesses with operations spanning 4 countries. He is also the founder of the global charity, 'The Bates Foundation.' Sebastian's diverse experiences include serving as a trainer to the Royal Family in the UAE and Jordan. He is a dedicated father of 2 and resides in Dubai. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he strongly supports small businesses, social enterprises, and youth development.
Sebastian is the co-founder of several global online businesses, including Shield, FTEN X Academy, and Not A Victim, an anti-bullying organization. His deep commitment to mentoring and supporting business owners extends through courses and private mentoring, with all revenue generated directly contributing to his global charity.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 00:38
    • The Relationship Between Bullying and Martial Arts
  • 11:39
    • Insights into Sebastian's Family
  • 15:10
    • Embarking on an Adventure in India
  • 19:06
    • The Inception of Warrior Academy
  • 22:44
    • Sebastian's Pivotal Turning Point
  • 38:55
    • Navigating Life with Arthritis
  • 47:30
    • The Vital Role of Discipline
  • 49:12
    • Building the Right Team for Your Business
  • 57:47
    • Sebastian's Responsibilities as CEO
  • 1:00:50
    • The Inspiring Work of The Bates Foundation
  • 1:09:12
    • Sebastian's Current Involvement in Competitive Martial Arts
  • 1:11:08
    • Exploring the Future of Sebastian and Warrior Academy

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