17th September, 2023 | 1HR 49MIN

The Reebok Journey: How Reebok Became An International Brand With Joe Foster | Episode 51

The Reebok Journey: How Reebok Became an International Brand with Joe Foster

Welcome to In the ARENA, where I’m joined by a true legend in the world of sports and business, Joe Foster, the co-founder of Reebok. In this episode, Joe takes us on a journey through the evolution of a small shoe company in Bolton to the globally recognized brand we know today.

Key Podcast Topics Include:
Building an International Brand
Navigating Family Dynamics in Business
The Decision to Sell Reebok
The Power of Staying Positive

Joe Foster's Inspiring Journey:
Joe Foster was born into the J.W Foster & Sons family business, founded by his grandfather. In 1958, Joe and his older brother Jeff founded "Mercury Sports Footwear," which later became Reebok. Joe played a pivotal role in sales, marketing, design, and expanding Reebok's presence. His meeting with American businessman Paul Fireman in 1979 led to the licensing and distribution of Reebok in the United States, transforming the company into a leading athletic apparel brand.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:15
    • Dariush's Story Behind Gladiator Mastery
  • 07:44
    • Joe's Grandfather's Shoe Company
  • 18:57
    • Joe's Childhood During World War 2
  • 20:46
    • The Founding of Joe and Jeff's Company
  • 28:03
    • Reflecting on Regrets
  • 32:39
    • Reebok's Expansion in the Athletic Industry
  • 48:59
    • Insights into Personal Life and Relationships
  • 51:09
    • The Creation of a 5-Star Shoe
  • 1:13:14
    • Conquering the U.S. Market
  • 1:20:26
    • The Decision to Sell Reebok
  • 1:31:38
    • A Glimpse into Joe's Retirement
  • 1:36:44
    • The Reebok Stadium and Sport Direct
  • 1:41:44
    • Strategies for Staying Positive

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