30th May, 2024 | 1HR 10MINS

The Most Expensive Teeth in Dubai | Dr Dmitriy Averin

In this episode of In the ARENA, Dr Dmitriy Averin joins me to discuss all things teeth.

From the mistakes that everyone makes when choosing a dentist, to why your teeth are so important and how they can affect your overall health.

Taking care of your teeth has never been more interesting.

Key Podcast Topics:
The mistake most people make when choosing a dentist
The role that teeth play in our lives
Why your teeth are so important

Dr Averin’s biography:
Dr Averin is a porcelain veneer specialist from the Ukraine with over 10 years of experience in crafting customized veneers. Currently, he is based at the Invisalign Center in Dubai.

Dr Averin is passionate about teeth, because he believes that teeth are full of symbolism and have a big impact on our self-esteem and confidence. He wants to change the way people perceive themselves, one smile at a time.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 02:01
    • Dr Averin’s background
  • 08:13
    • Starting his own clinic
  • 12:10
    • The two areas of expertise in dentistry
  • 14:27
    • Discovering the vision
  • 17:50
    • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • 20:28
    • Veneers
  • 26:15
    • Losing his clinic because of the war
  • 30:43
    • The role that teeth play in our lives
  • 36:01
    • How Dr Averin met his second wife
  • 43:33
    • Hand crafted veneers
  • 44:37
    • Moving to Dubai
  • 46:09
    • Mistakes that most people make when choosing dentists
  • 48:30
    • The most expensive veneers in Dubai
  • 56:56
    • What does it mean to be an artist?
  • 01:05:58
    • The future for Dr Averin

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