21st July, 2023 | 58MIN

The Millionaire Mindset With Firas Al Msaddi | Episode 41

Introducing Firas Al Msaddi: A Visionary Leader, Strategic Planner, and Builder of Multimillion-Dollar Companies.

A man of high values, methodical planning, and multimillion dollar companies. This week I speak to Firas Al Msaddi, the founder and CEO of Fam Properties.

Real estate extraordinaire, husband & father of four - Firas' focus is always on the process, rather than money, as he believes that money comes and goes. But as long as you have a detailed method and system, the money will come along with it.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The fundamentals of sales and wealth
How to set boundaries
The mindset of a millionaire
The future of Real Estate

Firas' Biography:
Firas Al Msaddi is the visionary founder and Chief Executive Officer of fäm Properties, Dubai's largest and most technologically advanced real estate company. Founding the agency at the young age of 25 in 2009, amidst the global economic crisis, Firas exhibited unwavering faith in the enduring potential of Dubai.

Today, fäm Properties employs over 900 skilled professionals across 23 branches and retail locations, encompassing a remarkable 65,000 sqft in key communities throughout Dubai. Managing a real estate investment portfolio valued at over AED 3 billion, primarily in Dubai, with an additional AED 300 million in Istanbul, the company consistently achieves outstanding results.

Episode Notes

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 02:00
    • Life as the CEO of Fam Properties
  • 07:51
    • Global recession versus the UAE
  • 10:11
    • Setting boundaries and prioritizing time
  • 15:48
    • Technology, values and investments
  • 26:34
    • The fundamentals of sales and wealth
  • 33:55
    • Firas' driving force and competition
  • 39:45
    • The future for Fam Properties
  • 40:27
    • Firas' investment portfolio
  • 45:55
    • 'Focus on the process and the money will follow'
  • 49:43
    • Firas' personal life

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