24th December, 2020 | 42MIN

The Importance Of Career Guidance During Tough Times With Caroline Langston | Episode 29

The absence of certain knowledge is not a lack of talent but an opportunity to master something new!

In this episode, I discuss with Caroline Langston a certified Executive Coach about the importance of career guidance for budding entrepreneurs in these tough times.
The key lies in being persistent and tenacious!

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The ART Model
The importance of having a good relationship with money
How exercise can impact your mindset

Caroline's biography:
As a certified ICF, EMCC, NLP Executive Coach, Caroline has over 13 years of working with high-performing people & their teams globally up to & including C-level. She specialises in Financial Services, Banking, Fintech, Family Offices (including family relationships, communication & conflict resolution for UHNW families), Lawyers & Technology/ Engineering companies. Helping people make changes & transitions in their careers & lives for accelerated performance, improved mental health, better emotional management, improved communication, better relationships & purpose.

Highlights from the podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 0:45
    • Caroline's experience as a business coach
  • 8:25
    • Coaching through Covid
  • 13:57
    • Providing Founders and CEO's with coaching
  • 20:03
    • Caroline's long term goals
  • 25:29
    • Why you should encourage conversation about money
  • 28:26
    • Using the "ART" model for achieving goals
  • 31:00
    • How business coaching can help you
  • 36:33
    • The importance of exercise
  • 40:06
    • Be mindful of using words like "try," "should," and "could."

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