28th January, 2024 | 43MINS

The Future Of Medicine and Healthcare With Dr Mulk

What if you never had to leave your house to see a doctor? Well in this episode, my guest is making it a reality

Dr Mulk is creating the first ever virtual hospital, where you can get diagnosed, check your vitals and have nurses come to your home.

After Covid, we’ve changed the way we interact. In Dubai, you can have any service delivered to your door with just a few clicks. So why not approach healthcare the same way? With the Mulk Med Smart Hospital, it’s possible.

Key podcast topics:
How to scale without affecting your cash flow

Dr Mulk’s Biography:
Healthcare leader of 30yr + experience with a demonstrated history of successful implementation of innovative healthcare services in the medical practice industry.

Lauded on various international business & healthcare platforms with Multiple global accolades & awards. Strong business development acumen & interest in innovative healthcare products & start ups, digital transformation with medical professional graduation in Radiology & Imaging .

Recognized & felicitated as “Pioneer of Teleradiology “ in this region. Currently embarking on a new exciting & challenging journey to launch- Mulkehealth “The First virtual Hospital telehealth ecosystem “ to bring quality healthcare 24/7 within comforts of homes/ office/public domains to touch people lives meaningfully

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:00
    • The journey to Dr Mulk’s success
  • 09:54
    • Tele-medicine
  • 11:23
    • How Dr Mulk raised capital for his diagnostic centers
  • 14:26
    • Mulk Med Smart Hospital
  • 23:02
    • How it works
  • 25:48
    • Expanding overseas
  • 28:03
    • How the kiosk monitors your vital signs
  • 31:07
    • Cyber Security
  • 33:10
    • Brothers building an empire
  • 37:53
    • The Mulk Boat
  • 39:12
    • Dr Mulk’s biggest challenge
  • 41:18
    • How to scale without affecting your cash flow
  • 46:09
    • Dr Mulk’s biggest market
  • 46:59
    • Competition
  • 47:59
    • Humility
  • 48:59
    • We take our health for granted
  • 51:44
    • What happens if you need procedures?
  • 54:07
    • Marketing strategies
  • 56:56
    • Artificial intelligence

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