11th September, 2023 | 1HR 18MIN

Professional Athlete Reveals The Mindset You Need To Succeed In Life | Kanzy El Defrawy | Episode 49

Welcome to an episode featuring Kanzy El Defrawy, the UAE's top squash player, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Key Podcast Topics Include:

Advantages of Being a Squash Player
Professional Athlete Mentality
Early Retirement at 25
Entrepreneurship from Scratch

Kanzy El Defrawy's Remarkable Journey:
Kanzy El Defrawy is a renowned Egyptian squash player with a prolific career. She clinched numerous titles during her professional career, including victories at the NASH Cup, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Open, Richmond Open, and more. Her journey began at a young age, and she overcame challenges, including knee surgery at 14, to achieve excellence in squash. She studied at Trinity College in Connecticut and won multiple championships, including the U-19 World Championships.

While she no longer plays squash professionally, Kanzy now resides in Dubai, where she established a squash academy offering training by former professionals. She's also a Guinness World Records adjudicator.

Discover the Secrets of Success:
In this podcast, you'll gain insights into what it takes to become a top-ranked professional athlete, how to avoid burnout, and the art of building a business that makes a lasting impact on people's lives.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:58
    • Balancing the Life of a Professional Athlete and Financial Struggles
  • 05:16
    • Kanzy's Athletic Family Background
  • 09:50
    • Pursuing University Education in America
  • 14:08
    • The Decision to Retire at 25
  • 19:59
    • The Experience of Being Number One
  • 22:47
    • Squash's Enormous Popularity in Egypt
  • 28:50
    • Overcoming Challenges and Personal Growth
  • 34:09
    • The Pursuit of the Dubai Dream
  • 44:13
    • The Vision Behind Kanzy's Squash Academy
  • 54:13
    • Navigating Challenges as an Entrepreneur
  • 1:02:29
    • Kanzy's Vision for the Next 5 Years
  • 1:07:31
    • How to Kickstart a Career in Squash
  • 1:10:30
    • Insights into Kanzy's New Business Venture
  • 1:14:23
    • Addressing Common Savings Challenges

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