16th July, 2023 | 1HR 26MIN

Mastering Your Innerfight - The Inspiring Story Of Marcus Smith | Episode 40

Join us in this captivating podcast episode as we delve into the remarkable journey and pursuit of human potential with none other than Marcus Smith, a true Gladiator and the founder of Innerfight.

Marcus's relentless commitment to pushing both himself and his clients to their limits is truly inspiring. With a deep understanding of the significance of energy and connection, he embodies the Gladiator mindset, emphasizing the importance of overcoming life's obstacles to unlock your true potential.

Prepare to be motivated and empowered as Marcus shares his insights and experiences, guiding us on a transformative path towards reaching our full potential.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The increase in Mental health issues
How to find the right partner
How to push yourself beyond limits
The Innerfight mentality.

Marcus' biography:
Marcus is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker extreme athlete and coach. With a clear vision of making peoples lives better through health, culture and environment, Marcus has developed and established two successful businesses, including international performance company, InnerFight; and Paleo food provider, Smith St Paleo.

Prior to establishing his first business InnerFight, Marcus spent 10 years in the sporting goods industry, with over five years as a sales director at market leader, Adidas and Nike.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 00:47
    • The beginning of Innerfight
  • 10:07
    • Mental health, self awareness and subconscious programming
  • 16:32
    • Creating the Innerfight community
  • 22:34
    • The importance of energy and time
  • 25:45
    • Push yourself beyond limits
  • 33:59
    • Finding a partner who will support you unconditionally
  • 36:32
    • Marcus's mindset and values
  • 44:32
    • The controversy around Liver King, Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson
  • 48:48
    • Everyone has their own Everest
  • 1:00:24
    • Why Marcus is intense to live with and how he handles bad days
  • 1:05:46
    • Nuturing the Interfight community
  • 1:16:42
    • Expat brat, family life and youth empowerment
  • 1:20:05
    • What business means to Marcus

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