16th August, 2023 | 32MIN

Making Your First Million With Ebraheem Al Samadi | Episode 39 Part 3

Dubai Bling's Ebraheem Al Samadi prioritizes his family, his energy and seeks adventure. In this podcast episode he shares the reason he moved to Dubai, his thoughts on the education system, putting family first and how he made his first million at the age of 17.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
How Ebraheem became a millionaire at 17
The problem with the current education system
Why Ebraheem moved to Dubai
Family priorities.

Ebraheem's biography:
Ebraheem Al Samadi, the founder of Forever Rose, a company specializing in roses that last for many years without water or sunlight. He has been an entrepreneur from the age of 14, as he launched his first business out of his mother’s Florida apartment selling thrift shop clothing and items on eBay, a stint which eventually earned him one of eBay’s coveted 1000 Power Sellers awards. Ebraheem’s driving force has long been the desire to fully support his family, as well as striving to ensure he creates an environment which first and foremost promotes happiness amongst employees and colleagues. He also believes the cultural exposure garnered by global travel is another major inspiration for innovation in businesses and a key opportunity to source products and concepts with the potential to thrive in the UAE.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 00:29
    • The Education system
  • 03:59
    • “I made my first million at 17”
  • 16:44
    • Why Ebraheem doesn’t hire friends
  • 20:45
    • The reason Ebraheem moved to Dubai
  • 26:15
    • Putting family first

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