29th March, 2023 | 12MIN 36SEC

Life Story: “Turning Challenges Into A Global Movement” With Nick Vujicic | Episode 2

No time like a present, to start a movement of generosity. Take a listen to this podcast episode where we spoke about Nick's life story.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Prioritizing values
How Nick started his career
Social Emotional Learning

Nick's biography:
Nick is a best-selling author, motivational speaker & evangelist—empowering people worldwide with his story & messages of hope.

Aussie-American Nick Vujicic was born in 1982, to the shock of his parents and doctors, without limbs. There was no medical conclusion as to why he was born this way, but in spite of his physical limitations, his courage and tenacity for life have caused him to become one of the biggest motivational speakers in the world, known as an expert on resilience and reframing challenges.

Nick has traveled to 78 countries, presenting on 3500 stages, to crowds as large as 800,000 people. He works with education ministries of various nations, live streaming his anti-bullying messaging to youth, and also developed the Attitude Is Altitude Curriculum, helping to enforce values and positive attitudes for Gen Z.

Episode Notes

  • 0:12:
    • Introduction
  • 0:24:
    • Nick Vujicic's gratitude.
  • 1:00:
    • Recent travels and meetings.
  • 2:18:
    • Social emotional learning.
  • 3:24:
    • Nick's experiences in different countries.
  • 4:08:
    • Nick's journey to fame and impact.
  • 5:22:
    • Humility and values.
  • 6:11:
    • Nick's family and meeting his wife.
  • 8:59:
    • Conclusion and gratitude.

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