29th March, 2020 | 1HR 1MIN

Life In The Stock Market With Jason Sen | Episode 10

Joining in another podcast episode is with a friend and neighbour of mine in Phuket, Jason Sen.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Market manipulation
Limitations of trading
Marketing and property development

Jason's biography:
Jason, at the age of 19, became a trader in the London stock exchange. He then went on to be a financial/forex advisor.
With over 33 year's experience, he assists people all over the world on day trading ideas and is a leading provider of daily technical analysis via Daytradeideas.co.uk.

Jason provides us with an insight into some of the memorable stock market crashes, family life, other business ventures outside of the stock market, and some tips for those looking to trade.

Highlights from the podcast:

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