10th November, 2022 | 1HR 31MIN

Lessons In Humanity: “Shining A Light On The Darkness Of The Past” With JONATHAN Daniels | Episode 36

In this episode of Elite Mastery, I interview Jonathan Daniels who shares his quest to guide younger generations from hatred and racism to honor and decency

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The complexities of the Middle East Conflict
The Holocaust
Importance of helping others
Advice for younger generations

Jonathan's biography:
Jonathan founded From The Depths 10 years ago, with the aim to educate on the Holocaust to share the stories of the victims and the survivors to as many people as possible.

He's brought hundreds of international parliamentarians, celebrities, influencers, students and more, to visit the sites of painful heritage all across the world. He has also created a humanitarian support group that’s delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods including clothing, medical supplies, generators and so much more to those in needs

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 0:23
    • Introduction
  • 0:47
    • From the Depths
  • 6:34
    • The Holocaust and visiting Auschwitz
  • 28:45
    • Addressing the distinction between Nazis and Germans.
  • 30:45
    • Human psychology and the rapid implementation of the Holocaust.
  • 38:38
    • How to balance personal safety and helping those in need.
  • 41:09
    • The focus of 'From the Depths'
  • 43:44
    • Jack Garfine
  • 52:18
    • The complexities of the Middle East conflict
  • 1:00:17
    • Advice for younger generations
  • 1:05:37
    • The importance of helping others
  • 1:19:01
    • How the Holocaust affected other communities
  • 1:25:13
    • Plans for the future

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