14th January, 2021 | 1HR 23MIN

Inspiring Story Of A True Gladiator! Meet Sujith Koshy Varghese. | Episode 30

You emerge victorious when you refuse to give up, with goals so powerful that obstacles, failure, and loss only serve as motivation.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The accident that changed Sujith's life
The impact of exercise for mental health
The importance of humility
Making Dubai more wheelchair accessible

Sujith's biography:
Sujith Varghese is a a banker by profession, #TEDx speaker, personal trainer and emerging rapper. Today he is an official fitness influencer/ambassador for the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge and the first Person of Determination (POD) in a wheelchair the UAE to receive the title as a fully accredited Personal Trainer.

Highlights from the podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 1:23
    • Life before Sujith's accident
  • 4:09
    • Winning an award for Rap
  • 7:33
    • Sujith's accident
  • 40:02
    • The importance of working out for mental strength.
  • 52:03
    • Sujith's mission to make gyms more wheelchair accessible
  • 1:02:20
    • Finding passion and success through music
  • 1:10:05
    • Sujith's challenges
  • 1:11:48
    • The importance of humility
  • 1:16:07
    • Sujith's Covid 19 track

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