24th August, 2020 | 50MIN

How To Use Male & Female Energy To Live A Balanced Life? | Episode 24

In this episode of Elite Mastery, I interviewed my friend and personal development coach Kim Shelar on how male and female energy can be used to live a balanced life.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Understanding the balance of masculine and feminine energy
Energy healing
The roots of anger
Stress management

Kim's biography:
Kim is a Meditation Expert, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach. Having spent 16 years in the Corporate space before she moved to this realm, her vision is to bring the benefits of Mind Excellence & Energy into the lives of people that spend most of their day in their office & business.

She has worked with over 7000 clients inclusive of groups, Corporates & personal clients by connecting them back to themselves - their innate abilities, their blocks, their limitations & their Infinite Energy.

Highlights from the podcast:

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