1st September, 2023 | 1HR 10MIN

How To Raise Capital | Dave Chaggar, The Capital Connector Episode 47

The Capital Connector, Business Matchmaker and featured in Arabian Business 30 under 40, Dave Chaggar joins me this week in the ARENA.

From Family business, becoming an entrepreneur to his journey in Capital Club Dubai, in the podcast you’ll learn what it takes to facilitate successful multi million dollar deals and how to build a client base through prioritizing relationships and solving problems.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The importance of solving pain points in the market place
How to find investors
The Capital Club Dubai
Success in the automotive and power industry

Dave's biography:
Dave was born in 1983 to parents of East African descent who moved to the UK when they were in their teens and started a business manufacturing automotive parts. Their clients included Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Bentley and Toyota… to mention just a few. From his very early years, he was part of an entrepreneurial family unit, and was encouraged through all his early years, including school holidays, to participate in some form in the family-run enterprise.

After being a key-player in two mega industries, Dave was ready for a new take on life. His previous years had taught him that he was a good networker, he had an impressive ability to win over peers and to form strong connections. And this led to the Capital Club. Initiated by an Emirati friend, Dave was invited there and introduced to the son of the founder of ENOC. “Where would I meet someone of that stature, but here at the Capital Club,” says Dave, sitting in the patio of the plush building that is home to this exclusive establishment. The tall green plants play against the creamy colours of the walls, most of which boast a magnificent collection of fine artworks. In fact, most art galleries would be envious of the collection housed within these stately rooms that are filled with leather recliners and plush sofas. The understated elegance is reminiscent of an old gentleman’s club in London. And it is here that Dave has found his niche. He took over as Sales Director with the aim of positioning the club as the number one networking and business hub in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is becoming the epicenter of the world, discover how to optimize your opportunities through this episode.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 03:15
    • Dave’s success started at a young age
  • 09:00
    • Life in Australia
  • 14:45
    • Dave’s challenging relationship with his father
  • 19:13
    • Building a power plant business in Tanzania
  • 26:07
    • Juggling Family and business
  • 29:09
    • Misconceptions of Africa
  • 31:20
    • Entering Capital Club
  • 36:11
    • The difference between a Millionaire and Billionaire
  • 44:27
    • What is next for Dave?
  • 47:36
    • Priorities and daily routine
  • 52:00
    • Why you need to solve problems
  • 55:15
    • Is money important to you?
  • 56:54
    • Who and what is the Capital Club?
  • 1:00:43
    • How to find investors.
  • 1:02:35
    • The biggest and the worst deals Dave has seen

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