22nd March, 2020 | 1HR

How To Have A More Successful Podcast - Interview with Farrukh Ahmed. | Episode 9

How To Have A More Successful Podcast - Interview with Farrukh Ahmed.

Farrukh, a dear friend of mine set up a podcast with his wife, Muniza. Utilizing his hobby for audio engineering, sound recording, and background in motivational speaking and training.

Both Farrukh and Muniza decided to create a podcast aimed at collecting great stories from great successful people, to inspire and motivate their children as well as others. The idea stemmed from a discussion with friends one evening on motivation. Only once their friends had left, they then realized that they had missed an opportunity to have had the discussion recorded.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Life as an expat
How to have a successful podcast
The importance of giving back

Farrukh's biography:
Farrukh has 20 years of experience in Product Management, Business Transformation, Customer Experience Management, and Training and Mentorship experience.

His primary focus is to define, implement and drive products and strategic partnerships for long-term financial successes with the best in class Customer Experience journey in the market.

Take a listen to this episode to find out ways to have a more successful podcast.

Highlights from the podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Intro
  • 1:03
    • Farrukh's Podcast
  • 9:35
    • How Farrukh met his wife
  • 17:10
    • Meeting for the first time
  • 18:03
    • How to have a successful podcast
  • 30:35
    • We limit our imagination
  • 35:05
    • Why you should live in Dubai
  • 37:07
    • Inside Bill Gates
  • 41:24
    • The larger the vision, the larger your success
  • 45:28
    • Azim Premjis Legacy
  • 47:10
    • Growing up in Pakistan
  • 49:18
    • Being an expat
  • 50:31
    • Focus on giving back
  • 52:33
    • Life is short, prioritize freedom

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