12th November, 2023 | 46 MIN

How To Grow Your Business With Ameen Ahsan

In this episode of In the ARENA, I am joined by Ameen Ahsan, Founder and CEO of AASC Global.

Ameen is a renowned business strategist and shares some insights into techniques that small to medium businesses can use to scale their business.

Key Podcast Topics:
3 reasons most businesses fail
What to do if your business is failing
4 Common mentalities of Entrepreneurs

Ameen’s Biography:
Founder and Chief Strategist of AASC Management Consultancy, Ameen specializes in Business Plans, Financial Feasibility Studies, Business Model Designing, Project Reports, Strategy Reports, Business Consulting, Business Growth Planning, Business Vision Planning, Family Business Planning, Market Feasibility Studies, and Specialized Business Coaching.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 02:09
    • Ameen’s professional journey
  • 08:55
    • Pros and Cons of working with consultants
  • 16:25
    • 3 Reasons why most businesses fail
  • 22:59
    • How long should you use a consultancy firm?
  • 24:52
    • What service can you get from working with a consultancy firm
  • 28:21
    • Is the stock market going to crash?| Advice for businesses in Dubai
  • 33:20
    • What to do if your business is failing
  • 35:50
    • Investing in businesses
  • 38:43
    • What does success mean?
  • 40:39
    • How to work with Ameen
  • 42:11
    • The 4 mentalities of Entrepreneurs

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