5th April, 2020 | 56MIN

How To Find Your Passion With Moustafa Hamwi | Episode 11

Moustafa Hamwi ran a multi-million dollar business in Dubai and was a co-founder of a communications firm involved in events, entertainment and modelling.

He got to a stage in his life where, even though it seemed like he had everything, he felt empty inside. He then asked himself, "what am I doing with my life?"

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The importance of physical health
Living a nomadic lifestyle
How to find purpose
Silent retreats

Moustafa's biography:
Moustafa was the co-founder of a communications firm involved in events, entertainment and modeling with 45 full-time employees, a 6,000 square feet office and partners that dominated the night-life industry. But he wanted more out of life and bought a one-way ticket to India which led to an eye-opening experience.

Since then he has invested all his time and efforts in studying and researching the topic of passion and by 2016 he launched Passion Sundays, world’s leading passion talk-show where he has interviewed in person, to date, 160+ leader, authors, speakers, coaches, celebrities, Olympians and Nobel prize laureates diving deep into their interpretation of passion and its impact on all aspects of success in life & work.

Episode Notes

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 0:29
    • Moustafa's nomadic lifestyle
  • 3:38
    • Market opportunities.
  • 6:06
    • The importance of physical health and nature
  • 6:36
    • Guest's earlier career steps.
  • 6:48
    • How Moustafa's career started
  • 7:50
    • Moustafa's event company
  • 10:08
    • How he started his path to enlightenment
  • 13:48
    • Silent retreats
  • 15:08
    • The journey to passion and happiness
  • 29:02
    • Moustafa's approach in business
  • 40:04
    • How to find passion
  • 50:02
    • Finding purpose and leaving a legacy
  • 53:03
    • Passion Journey Meditation

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