13th July, 2020 | 1HR 13MIN

How To Find The Real You? With Kim Shelar

In this episode of Elite Mastery, I interviewed my friend and personal development coach Kim Shelar who talks deep subjects like Positivity, Optimism, finding yourself, and how to deal with triggers in life.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
How to find authentic relationships
The importance of vibrational energy
How to cope with trauma
Holistic coaching

Kim's biography:
Kim is a Meditation Expert, Energy Healer & Mindset Coach. Having spent 16 years in the Corporate space before she moved to this realm, her vision is to bring the benefits of Mind Excellence & Energy into the lives of people that spend most of their day in their office & business.

She has worked with over 7000 clients inclusive of groups, Corporates & personal clients by connecting them back to themselves - their innate abilities, their blocks, their limitations & their Infinite Energy.

Highlights from the podcast:

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