29th September, 2023 | 1HR 15MIN

How To Be A Successful Radio Host With Lachlan Kitchen

Welcome to In The ARENA, where I have a fascinating guest this week: Lachlan Kitchen, a multi-talented individual known as a radio presenter, TV host, MC, and musician. Join us as we delve into Lachlan's remarkable journey.

Key Podcast Topics Include:
Overcoming ME-CFS Challenges in Childhood
Navigating the Path to Becoming a Radio Host
The Significance of Human Connection
Insights into the Media Agenda

Lachlan Kitchen's Background:
Lachlan, fondly known as "Kitch," is the talented RJ behind "Talk Sport and Business" on Talk 100.3. With a deep passion for both sports and the corporate world, he delivers engaging and informative discussions to his audience. Lachlan's vibrant personality and in-depth knowledge have made him a beloved figure on the airwaves.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 02:43
    • Lachlan's Childhood Battles with Health Issues
  • 11:24
    • The Impact of His Grandfather on His Life
  • 13:09
    • Lessons on Positivity and Connection from His Father
  • 17:09
    • Reflecting on Life in Australia and Its Evolution
  • 23:25
    • Lachlan's Journey to Dubai
  • 26:20
    • Experiences of Living with His Parents at 38
  • 32:13
    • Performing at Dubai Expo
  • 38:02
    • Insights into Dubai's Remarkable Success
  • 40:30
    • The Fundamental Need for Human Connection
  • 43:19
    • Relationships and Stepping Out of Comfort Zones
  • 49:09
    • Challenges in the Media Industry
  • 52:44
    • What Lies Ahead for Lachlan Kitchen?
  • 55:06
    • Navigating Rejection and Self-Worth
  • 1:00:09
    • The Value We Place on Ourselves
  • 1:04:28
    • Everyone Has a Unique Story to Tell
  • 1:10:45
    • Exploring the Media's Fascination with Media

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