6th September, 2020 | 1HR 06MIN

How Second Citizenship Can Change Your Life | Episode 26

In this episode of Elite Mastery, I interviewed my friend Sam Bayat on how second citizenship can change your life.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Why you should have second citizenship
Everything you should know about immigration
Misconceptions of immigrants
The impact of vaccines

Sam's biography:
Sam Bayat is a Quebec (Canada) licensed attorney with background in international law and is specialized in corporate migration. He has over twenty years experience in business immigration and citizenship consultancy.

He was the former president and vice president of Canadian Bar, International Section in Quebec. He had lectured in the International law at the Concordia University in Montreal. He is the senior resident lawyer of the law firm, Bayat Legal Services (BLS) in Dubai.

As the pace of immigration for Canada out of the Middle East stepped up, Sam Bayat set up in 1993 a small law practice in Dubai. Today BLS an international law firm, working with a network of law firms, legal professionals and trade consultants, around the world.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 1:51
    • How Sam stays positive
  • 7:28
    • Sam's background
  • 14:40
    • Why you should have second citizenship
  • 20:46
    • Benefits of having a residency in Europe
  • 21:35
    • Immigration options in Canada
  • 24:18
    • How to find the right immigration consultant
  • 26:53
    • The modern concept of holding multiple passports
  • 28:01
    • Potential risks and consequences
  • 32:02
    • The connection between client satisfaction and business success.
  • 40:01
    • The impact of COVID on immigration
  • 43:30
    • Benefits of moving to Canada
  • 46:48
    • Misconceptions of immigrants
  • 51:00
    • Hopes for Iran
  • 54:45
    • Balancing optimism and realism in business and life
  • 59:29
    • The impact of the vaccinations

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