8th March, 2020 | 1HR 13MIN

How Does A Successful Person, Become Successful? An Interview with Jeff Smith | Episode 7

Jeff Smith, holder of the World Record for the best selling KPI book in history, has a fireside chat with me to discuss 11 steps to become successful.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
The 11 steps to success
How money reveals a person's true personality
The importance of KPIs

Jeff's biography:
Jeff, originating from Birmingham in the UK started life as a mechanical and electrical engineer, earning £7.91 a week. He however had a passion for playing the keyboard but never considered taking that passion any further.

Unbeknown to him, playing at his parents 25 wedding anniversary, would be the beginning of change. He was offered a job that evening which would earn him £120 a week, for 3 nights work, playing the keyboard.

With this and a series of events, lead Jeff to ask the question - how does a millionaire become a millionaire? He began a journey of interviewing 325 millionaires over 15 years to find the formula. Once he had discovered this - he realized that there are 11 things that all of these people do, and have in common.

His question then changed - how does a successful person, become successful? As success is not always attributed to just wealth.

Take a listen to my podcast to find out more about these 11 steps to becoming successful.

Highlights from the podcast:

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