15th February, 2024 | 58MINS

Health Expert: Alzheimer's lives in your mouth! | Dr Moshe Goldsmith

Heading: In this episode of In The ARENA, Dr Moshe Goldsmith joins me for another episode on health and medicine

After our last episode, Dr Moshe was highly requested for a part 2 and this time he shares even more things that affect our health that we are completely unaware of.

From vaccinations and antibiotics to Alzheimers and fiber, this is an episode that will change the way you think about your health.

Key Podcast Topics:
Should you give your children vaccinations?
The cause of Alzheimers is in your mouth!
Why antibiotics are bad for you

Dr Moshe’s Biography:
Dr Moshe spent 20 years practicing internal medicine in Florida, United States. After discovering he had cancer, he left his practice and focused on curing his cancer without the help of modern medicine. He is now cancer free and has returned to medicine, however he now advocates of Functional Medicine.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:40
    • Why Dr Moshe’s last podcast was so controversial
  • 06:15
    • Why antibiotics are bad for you
  • 10:41
    • The alternatives to antibiotics
  • 14:32
    • The reason behind Alzheimer's lives in your mouth!
  • 16:17
    • IV drips are the lesser evil
  • 21:31
    • Eat Your Vegetables!
  • 26:51
    • Should you give your children vaccinations?
  • 38:58
    • The importance of Fiber
  • 40:43
    • Why is vinegar important?
  • 45:09
    • Are all calories the same?
  • 48:04
    • If you’re young, you don’t need testosterone supplements
  • 53:55
    • AI and Health
  • 1:00:15
    • Dr Moshe’s advice

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