4th August, 2023 | 1HR

From Startup To Success: A 28-Year-Old Entrepreneur With Chirenj Chandran | Episode 43

Introducing Chirenj Chandran: Listed In Forbes 30 under 30, Building the digital foundations of the Automotive Industry and Co-founder of the Mysyara App.

Mysyara is the number 1 car service app in the UAE, with a wide range of services including car wash service, doorstep mechanics, car repairs, insurance, tyre replacements and modifications. The app creates consumer convenience and is built on trust between the user and the company.

At 28 years old, Chirenj has built a successful consumer centric company, that focuses on solving pain points across the entire Automotive Industry. With only 5 competitors, world wide, he and his partner are already making waves in the market. In this podcast, Chirenj and I, discuss his 'blood, sweat and tears' ethos; investment and equity, as well as taking calculated risks for high rewards.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
How to find investors and raise equity
The elements of a disciplined lifestyle
Pain Points in the automotive industry
How to scale and grow your business

Chirenj's Biography:
Chirenj Chandran is the CEO of MySyara, and he also serves on its board of directors. He is a former director at Amin Auto Care, Tyrecompare.ae, as well as WINCH Roadside Assistance. MySyara offers services ranging from doorstep waterless car washing and detailing, to pick-and-drop car servicing, diagnostics, and car repairs. The company has grown rapidly since its launch in 2019, when it introduced the Middle East’s first car maintenance app providing complete car care solutions at the touch of a button.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 00:00
    • Intro
  • 00:57
    • Mysyara: Solving pain points across the Automotive Industry
  • 09:37
    • The energy crisis and electronic cars
  • 18:50
    • The beginning of Mysyara
  • 28:36
    • Digital Marketing Investments
  • 33:57
    • The quickest relationship Chirenj has ever had
  • 35:51
    • How to find investors and raise equity
  • 44:00
    • Living a disciplined lifestyle
  • 49:55
    • How Mysyara works
  • 53:22
    • Scaling and Growth
  • 56:52
    • Forbes 30 under 30

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