11th January, 2024 | 1HR 42MINS

From Starting Strip Clubs to Bankruptcy: The Matt Haycox Story

This week in the ARENA, Matt Haycox joins me to share his story

From huge success as an entrepreneur, to bankruptcy and back again; Matt has an uncanny ability to pick himself up and try again.

Now Matt is helping other businesses achieve success and is the host of the Matt Haycox Podcast. Dive into the episode and discover the keys to success by listening to Matt’s Story.

Key Podcast Topics:
The challenges of starting a strip club
Matt’s recipe to success
Inflation and investing

Matt’s biography:
Matt is an investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and podcast host of the Matt HayCox Podcast. Matt started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18 and achieved success at 24 years old by opening his own strip club. In the 2008 market crash, he lost everything and was declared bankrupt but Matt went to work the next day to begin building his business from the ground up once again.

Now Matt is a successful entrepreneur based in Dubai, with businesses in the UK.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:00
    • Matt’s Journey to Entrepreneurship
  • 09:55
    • Starting a strip club
  • 22:11
    • Asset financing and the American culture of tipping
  • 27:08
    • Gangs in the UK
  • 32:49
    • Hiring girls
  • 38:53
    • Getting a license for a strip club
  • 43:04
    • What is a balanced life?
  • 44:30
    • Why Matt’s first marriage failed
  • 48:03
    • Losing everything and becoming bankrupt
  • 54:24
    • Redemption
  • 56:33
    • Matt Haycox’s new life and business
  • 1:01:53
    • Venture Capital
  • 1:05:34
    • Inflation and the recession
  • 1:11:35
    • England is a mess
  • 1:16:30
    • Yachting
  • 1:24:33
    • Podcasting
  • 1:28:27
    • The recipe of success
  • 1:29:40
    • The future for Matt
  • 1:32:49
    • Help Alfie Walk

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