31st August, 2020 | 1HR

From Pizza Boy To Multi-Million Dollar Pizza Champion With Nick Bogacz | Episode 25

In this episode of Elite Mastery, I interviewed my friend Nick Bogacz who went from being a pizza boy to being a multi-million dollar pizza champion.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Coping with addiction
Misconceptions of wealth
The importance of action
How marketing can impact your success

Nick's biography:
Internationally award-winning Nick Bogacz’s passion for pizza began with his first job as a delivery boy in 1996. Follow his meteoric rise through corporate chain pizza franchises and subsequent 2012 venture into owning five independent stores. Nick’s expertise has gained him critical acclaim from pizza aficionados and industry leaders.

Highlights from this podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 1:04
    • Nick's interest in pizza
  • 7:28
    • Struggles with addiction
  • 9:28
    • How Nick became an entrepreneur
  • 19:07
    • Success through marketing
  • 32:05
    • Caliente Pizza success
  • 49:21
    • How Covid impacted Nick's business
  • 51:10
    • Misconceptions of wealth
  • 56:13
    • Encouraging listeners to start and take action.
  • 58:30
    • The Pizza Equation

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