20th October, 2023 | 1HR 20MINS

From Couch surfing to success with Take Charge AJ

In this compelling episode of In the ARENA, we are joined by Anthony Joseph, famously known as Take Charge AJ, who generously shares his wealth of knowledge on property investment.

Our engaging conversation touches upon a multitude of essential topics, including:
3 Ways to Invest in Properties: Delve into the three distinct strategies for making wise property investments.

Types of Properties with the Highest Returns: Explore the real estate landscape to identify property types that offer exceptional returns on investment.

Dubai Government's Investor Protection Measures: Discover how the Dubai Government safeguards the interests of property investors, ensuring a secure and promising environment.

The Significance of Drive: Understand the pivotal role that motivation and determination play in achieving your investment goals.

Anthony Joseph's Accomplishments:

Hailing from Lebanon, Anthony Joseph is an Associate Partner of Provident, the CEO of Primestay, and an Amazon best-selling author. He specializes in Dubai Off Plan Property Investment deals and boasts an extensive property portfolio. Anthony holds the distinction of being the most awarded Real Estate Broker in Dubai, with an impressive track record of closing over $1.2 billion in property deals. Currently, he dedicates his efforts to imparting his valuable knowledge and expertise to others through his podcast channel, books, and mentorship program. Anthony firmly believes that if he can achieve success, so can you.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:17
    • The Drive That Sustains Ambition
  • 11:30
    • From Couch Surfing to Success
  • 27:28
    • Unlocking Property Investment
  • 33:26
    • High-Yielding Property Types
  • 38:23
    • The World of Airbnb and Short-Term Leasing
  • 53:40
    • How the Dubai Government protects investors
  • 55:30
    • Sharing Wealth and Wisdom
  • 1:02:31
    • Commitment issues, marriage and children
  • 1:14:19
    • Take Charge and Take Action

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