4th April, 2024 | 1HR 20MINS

Everything You Need To Know About Venture Capital With Obediah Ayton

In this episode on In The ARENA, Obediah Ayton joins me to share his expertise and insight

We dive into strategies for raising funds for startups, the impact of social media on your business and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Key podcast topics:
Categories of investors in the Middle East
Building credibility in the UAE
Private Equity and VC’s

Obediah’s biography:
Obediah Ayton is an entrepreneur who started his journey in the UAE in 2018. He has successfully built his own business and operates a portfolio of companies under a holding group called “Dhabi Hold Co”.

Mr. Ayton invests in startups across the Middle East region, in parallel establishing joint ventures in diverse sectors such as Fintech, Wealth Management, Agriculture, and Software. Mr Ayton has a passion for climate, technology, and animal welfare. Mr Ayton has over 80,000 followers on Linkedin and is considered to be a thought leader in Middle East Family Offices.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 03:44
    • Obediah’s first 2 businesses in Dubai
  • 07:03
    • The attitude of the wealthy
  • 10:55
    • Getting funded by Mark Bezos
  • 16:20
    • A cardboard box changed my life
  • 21:27
    • The impact of social media
  • 36:49
    • Categories of investors in the Middle East
  • 39:44
    • The real agenda of western super powers
  • 41:46
    • Private equity and venture capital companies
  • 45:03
    • Geo politics and the Middle East
  • 53:12
    • Building credibility in the UAE
  • 55:00
    • You will never please everyone
  • 1:02:30
    • The future is in the middle east
  • 1:05:38
    • Society teaches you to expect failure
  • 1:08:40
    • I prefer people that grow slowly
  • 1:13:38
    • Overcommunication is essential

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