12th October, 2023 | 1HR 10MINS

Effective Tools for Managing Stress and Anxiety | Dr. Vanessa Moussa

Dr Vanessa Moussa joins me in the ARENA, to share insight on how high-achievers can manage stress and avoid burnout.

Born in Australia and raised in Lebanon, Dr Vanessa spent her childhood watching her mom experience abuse from her dad. She describes her teenage and early 20s as running away from her trauma, it was only once she spent time working on herself that she let go of resentment and discovered her passion for helping others.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Misconceptions of Dentistry
Childhood Trauma
How to master your stress levels
Ways to create your own happiness

Dr Vanessa's biography:

After working as a clinical Dentist for six years on Reunion Island Dr Vanessa developed a passion for personal development, stress management and growth mindset. Through founding the AYWA Coaching Method and becoming a Stress Management Coach, Dr Vanessa’s mission is to help stressed and burnt-out high-achieving professionals with mental clarity and confidence to reach their goals with peace of mind and physical wellness. She believes in self-mastery as an essential skill everyone needs to lead a happy and successful life.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 03:00
  • 05:00
    • Why there is an increase in mental health issues
  • 13:57
    • Living in Reunion Island
  • 20:01
  • 31:35
    • You’ve got to have hope for humanity
  • 35:41
    • Family Background
  • 40:38
    • How to set yourself apart as a life coach
  • 46:36
    • How to master your stress levels
  • 53:51
  • 56:10
    • How to stop stress eating
  • 1:01:00
  • 1:04:49
    • Dariush shares entrepreneurial advice with Dr Vanessa

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