26th April, 2020 | 1HR 38MIN

Chasing Dreams With Olga Labai | Episode 14

Chasing Dreams With Olga Labai

This week we welcome Olga Labai to the Elite Mastery podcast. Olga is both a practising lawyer and trainer with 12+ years of experience and is also a renowned speaker on legal aspects of the oil and gas industry.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
Renewable energy
Energy Healing
The 'Me Too' Movement
The Importance and complexity of liquefied natural gas

Olga's biography:
Olga worked for Sakhalin energy and Weatherford in the Middle East. She then established Oil & Gas consultants to provide consultancy and training services, utilising the wealth of knowledge gained whilst a practising lawyer working closely with contract managers in the oil and gas business. Olga has also established the Incredible Transformation Academy, whereby through the use of seminars/workshops, focuses on promoting a purpose-driven life and self-healing.

This episode delves into the oil and gas industry, creating opportunities, channelling love for life and emotional addiction.

Episode Notes

  • 0:00
    • Introducation
  • 2:01
    • The influence of Oil and Gas Project in the Sakhalin Islands
  • 4:23
    • Olga's career
  • 11:01
    • The Importance and complexity of liquefied natural gas
  • 14:07
    • Shift towards renewable energy
  • 17:34
    • Microplastics and poaching
  • 22:26
    • Life is Dubai
  • 42:02
    • Personal fears and limitations
  • 46:03
    • How Joe Dispenza helped Olga
  • 56:45
    • Relationships and self love
  • 1:00:03
    • How meditation helped Olga moved past trauma
  • 1:17:11
    • Energy Healing
  • 1:20:00
    • How to combat negative energy
  • 1:20:38
    • The signifiance of the "Me Too' movement
  • 1:24:00
    • Olga's future
  • 1:30:44
    • Incredible Transformation Academy

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