27th October, 2023 | 1HR 7MINS

Building A Fashion Empire with Martin Victor Al Masri

In this captivating episode of In the ARENA, we are joined by Martin Victor Al Masri, delving into the fashion industry's inner workings.

From a triumphant modeling career to the establishment of a fashion empire and a thriving magazine, Martin and I engage in a deep conversation about his career beginnings, the profound impact of his mother's passing, and crucial strategies for flourishing in the industry.

Podcast Topics:

Dealing with the Loss of a Parent: Martin's personal journey and coping strategies.
Success Secrets in Fashion: Insights into what makes the fashion industry thrive.
Building a Successful Magazine: The key steps to creating a standout publication in the fashion world.

Martin’s Journey:

Martin is the visionary founder behind House of Victor, Victor Magazine, and Infinity Models. His career began as an elite model, but it was within Dubai's fashion scene that his passion for clothing blossomed. House of Victor was subsequently established in Prague, evolving into a prominent.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 03:30
    • Martin's Modeling Beginnings: Discover how Martin ventured into the world of modeling
  • 11:20
    • Behind the Scenes in the Modeling Industry: Insights into the modeling world
  • 15:53
    • The Life-Altering Sentence: Explore the moment that reshaped Martin's life.
  • 17:40
  • 27:05
  • 32:27
    • Three Success Secrets: Uncover the strategies that led Martin to success
  • 37:04
    • Coping with Loss: Martin's poignant experience of losing his mother
  • 45:03
    • The Importance of High Standards: The value of setting and maintaining high expectations
  • 53:20
    • Selecting Friends Wisely: Why your choice of friends matters.
  • 57:44
    • Parental Loss Discussion: Further insights into the challenges of losing a parent.
  • 59:26
    • True Wealth Defined: What does genuine wealth mean to Martin?
  • 1:07:26
  • 1:10:45
    • Embracing Vulnerability: How vulnerability can be a source of strength.

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