18th January, 2024 | 58MINS

Being Selfish Is The Most Selfless Thing You Can Do Mindset Expert Jamie Fraser

In this episode of In The ARENA, Jamie Fraser joins me to share the importance of mindset in the pursuit of success

Dedicated to self-development, Jamie shares how being selfish can be the most selfless thing you can do for others.

If you’re struggling to kickstart your 2024 goals, this podcast is for you. Find out the first steps you need to take to ensure a successful year and stronger, more confident version of yourself.

Key Podcast topics:
The importance of internal dialogue
Being selfish
3 skills to have a successful business

Jamie’s biography:
Jamie is a multi-award winning CEO and Entrepreneur, named Great British Entrepreneur of the year in 2023. Jamie is a mindset, sales and transformation expert with coaching programs aimed at helping people become the best version of themselves.

After struggling at school, Jamie Fraser's first job was working on a market stall selling bargain basement women's clothing.

But the 28-year-old became the founder and CEO of award-winning InterEx, a staffing agency specializing in tech, cloud, cyber security and project delivery sectors, with offices in London, New York and Miami

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:19
    • Starting a business at 22
  • 05:13
    • 3 skills for a successful business and sales
  • 10:12
    • Age is just a number
  • 12:00
    • Father-son relationships
  • 14:15
    • Motivational speaking and coaching
  • 19:45
    • It’s not easy to let go
  • 24:24
    • Prioritizing time and goals
  • 25:53
    • True happiness
  • 28:23
    • The importance of internal dialogue
  • 31:05
    • Hiring smart for scaling
  • 33:47
    • Being selfish is selfless
  • 35:15
    • Health and wellness
  • 37:40
    • Creating legacy and practicing gratitude
  • 42:02
    • Moving to Dubai
  • 44:25
    • Lead from the front
  • 45:38
    • Why people can’t close
  • 50:14
    • Balancing work and family
  • 56:25
    • The power of social media

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