28th March, 2024 | 1HR 29MINS

"Being arrested changed my life"; The importance of healing your trauma | Daniel Leese

In this episode of In The ARENA, I had the privilege of being Daniel Leese’s first interview.

Daniel Leese is a well known podcast host in the UAE and along with having an inspiring story, is focused on helping others.

Key podcast topics:
Toxic relationships with parents
Neglect as a child
I got arrested 3 times

Daniel’s biography:
Daniel is the youngest of 3 children, and grew up in the UK. After experiencing trauma, regret and pain, Daniel turned his life around. Since moving to Dubai, Daniel has achieved success as the head of business development of KOJ Interiors and the Host of The Recipe to Success Podcast.

Now his focus is on educating others on the importance of skincare, by founding a men's skincare brand called Andsom Skincare.

Podcast highlights:

  • 00:00
    • Introduction
  • 01:23
    • The balance between happiness and drive
  • 05:51
    • Experiencing neglect as a child
  • 10:12
    • Toxic parent relationships
  • 13:50
    • Sentenced to prison for 2 years
  • 25:30
    • Working as a chef in a michelin star restaurant
  • 30:40
    • The first rule of sales; people buy from people
  • 35:50
    • Never make a decision based on emotions
  • 41:00
    • Relationships and healing
  • 45:47
    • Starting a podcast show
  • 52:44 3
    • Lessons from sales coaching
  • 1:04:02
    • Daniel’s new business: the beginning of Andsom Skin
  • 1:23:49
    • The biggest takeaway from this podcast

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