2nd March, 2020 | 1HR 10MIN

Anna And Vlad's Mission To Help Young Entrepreneurs Succeed | Episode 6

Anna and Vlad's Mission To Help Young Entrepreneurs Succeed

Welcome to another episode of In The ARENA with Dariush Soudi, where I'm joined by Anna and Vlad.Understanding that people have different reasons for becoming entrepreneurs, some of which are not sustainable, they decided they wanted to help and make a difference.

In this podcast we dive into the following topics:
3 reasons most entrepreneurs fail
The importance of prioritizing process
Lessons for young entrepreneurs and start ups

Anna and Vlads biography:
Anna and Vlad are Ukrainians who aim to help educate young entrepreneurs, not just in business, but on the fundamentals that are required to succeed. Both young entrepreneurs themselves, Anna and Vlad have built and established successful businesses. Meeting at a networking event, and sharing the same work ethic, they decided to join forces and go into business together.

Highlights from the podcast:

  • 0:00
    • Introduction
  • 2:41
    • Ukraine and Russia
  • 4:23
    • Why Vlad decided not to join the family business
  • 7:32
    • Vlad's father
  • 10:06
    • Personal relationships and expectations
  • 11:30
    • How Anna and Vlad met
  • 15:14
    • Gender roles in business
  • 18:27
    • 3 reasons most entrepreneurs fail
  • 25:26
    • 3 lessons for teach young entreprenuers
  • 28:23
    • Vlad's journey with his father
  • 31:23
    • Why many salons go out of business.
  • 42:30
    • The importance of people over process
  • 46:31
    • Challenges and tough decisions in business
  • 55:05
    • How to succeed as a young entrepreneur
  • 59:03
    • The FNB Industry
  • 1:00:57
    • The work ethic of the younger generations
  • 1:04:55
    • The future of Vlad and Anna

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