April 2022 - Dariush Soudi | World Leading Sales & Marketing Coach whatsapp icon

The Importance Of Building Relationships With Clients In Person

It is important for entrepreneurs to know that businesses are built on relationships and that face-to-face meetings are essential. While digital communication has come a long way recently, in-person meetings are still important for developing a strong culture, developing rapport with clients, and connecting with people on a deeper level. 


Face-to-face meetings are preferred by me and many businesses over other forms of communication, so knowing the benefits and how to run a productive meeting can help you advance in your career.


Interpreting Non Verbal Cues


You can learn a lot about a person’s body language and the small signs they give through facial expressions and hand gestures if you pay attention to their body language. Working in this business for a long time has taught me how to read subtle cues a person gives when we talk in person. 


You won’t be able to read these signs over email or over the phone, but being able to read people’s body language is a very good thing. You’ll be able to understand what the person is actually saying.


If your client tells you that they completely agree with the suggestions you’ve made, but their body language suggests otherwise, and you’re aware of these signs, you can offer them some alternative options or reassure them.


Help Focus on the Meeting


Technology has both advantages and disadvantages.


Virtual meetings are undoubtedly beneficial and appealing, but in today’s world, it’s likely that people will be preoccupied with other tasks, such as checking emails, during the meeting, preventing them from fully concentrating on what is being shared. 


However, multitasking is extremely rare in face-to-face meetings, and this is one of the most important benefits. Because such meetings are more engaging, and because people are afraid of being noticed if they try to do something else, full or maximum concentration is almost guaranteed in such meetings.


Clients Will Appreciate you Better


Yes, you will need to put in extra effort, manage your schedule, and schedule time to visit your client’s office for a face-to-face meeting, and I know this sounds inconvenient but I assure you, your clients will appreciate your efforts. 


This helps you make a great first impression. 


Your client is likely to believe that because you made the effort to visit them in person, you are passionate about your work and that the extra personal touch is important to you. 


As a result, your business relationship will become stronger.


It is Effective


A face-to-face meeting or communication can help increase efficiency. 


Rather than spending your entire day sending and receiving emails, you could meet in person and go over all of the details of the meeting. Because the overall energy level is higher during such gatherings, it helps to boost creativity, allowing you to brainstorm and solve multiple problems at once. 


Also, for those who are uncomfortable with written communication, face-to-face meetings will be more effective. After all, everyone has different preferences, and some people prefer to communicate with people in person.


There is nothing more important to a client than letting them know how passionate and important your business is to you. Meeting in person allows you to communicate that to your future investors.