15th May, 2023 | 5 MIN READ

Hollywood Stars With Billionaire Aspirations Flocking To Business Titan Dariush Soudi

Hollywood Stars Are Similar To Most Business Executives, They Like To Make A Lot Of Money!

Obviously, after becoming famous in a town filled with talented and wealthy people, A-listers are hiring the best people to shape their global business and one name keeps popping up — one of the world’s most acclaimed business consultants Dariush Soudi.

Tinsel Town’s elite are trying to the business titan to make fundamental changes to their operations and exponentially increase their revenue. Many Hollywood stars have lost fortunes in their business ventures over the past few years due to the pandemic, failing to adapt to the rapid evolution of social media platforms, and in many cases misguided advice from their teams.

As you know, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic brand reportedly saw a major drop in their e-commerce sales in 2020 and Dreamworks CEO Jefferey Katzenberg infamously raised $1.75 billion for the short-lived streaming service Quibi that is now defunct. Many celebrities including Logan and Jake Paul also lost fortunes in blockchain technology. But, that one might just come back someday.

Now, Dariush is using over 30 years of unrivaled experience and astounding success across various industries to ensure his clients don’t just achieve their goals; they shatter them. Our sources say that over the past year, many celebrities have reached out to Dariush and even flown to Dubai to meet with him for private business consultations and to negotiate exclusive business management contracts.

Dariush is the founder of a few high-profile investment and consultant groups such as ARENA Consultancy, the Be Unique Group, and Elite Mastery which have made a name for themselves in many sectors including telecommunications, fashion, and health and wellness. Dariush gained vast notoriety for skyrocketing the profits of his clients with his sweeping organizational changes to their business.

Dariush consulted for shipping giant Grandweld Shipyards based out of the United Arab Emirates and in 3 months his results were astounding. Dariush studied the business from the ground up and went to work. He consulted with the best technical experts at every step of the process, eliminated factors leading to time and money being wasted, and developed a sales system that directly targeted the warmest leads. Dariush personally closed over $36 million in sales for the company during his short consultancy there.

Soudi has repeated this same process with many clients and his insane profits across the board earned him a chance to consult for the Dubai government. At the time, the government’s business consultancy office consisted of salaried employees. Sheikh Mohammed knew that in order to maximize the efficiency of the office there had to be a change. Dariush was hired to help transition the office into this new vision. Dariush helped create an incentive and results-based structure and ensure that the government had a team of stellar talent, motivated to do their best work.

Now, here’s where the Hollywood part comes in…

Dariush’s success also stems from his charismatic and inviting on-camera presence. After appearing on Brad Lea’s podcast as a guest speaker Dariush’s interview became one of the most watched clips on the channel for 10 years racking up millions of views and giving Dariush hundreds of thousands of followers on his Instagram page. Like many others in this business, he used this spark and lit a roaring fire that captured the attention of the world’s most wealthy and powerful.

For the past 9 years, based out of Dubai, Dariush has made a name for himself as one of the most popular motivational speakers in the Middle East. Recently Soudi has made his sales philosophies and motivational speeches available for people worldwide in his online “Gladiator Mastery Program”. Check out a recent clip of his class here.


What makes Dariush so special? Well, Dariush credits his success to his painful journey that led to this point. Dariush tragically lost his father at the age of 4 and the rest of his family at an early age. These terrible circumstances forced Dariush to become fiercely independent and learn how to read people’s intentions a mile away. Spend any amount of time with Dariush’s clients and students of his Gladiator Mastery program and you’ll constantly hear about Soudi’s charisma and personable nature. Additionally, due to unforeseen health complications, Dariush lost his fortune about a decade ago and was forced to regain it all back for the survival of his family.

Today, many multimillion-dollar deals later, Dariush drives Ferraris and helps an army of other business owners follow in his footsteps. Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Alba, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Gwenyth Paltrow, and other A-list stars have achieved billion-dollar valuations through their business ventures outside of acting. For celebrities looking to add their name to that list, it might be time to give Dariush a call.

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